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I can't play...


Ok, I fixed some bugs. It should now work properly.

It's working fine now. Are you planning to make more levels?

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Nice concept. I think there could be a better job with the level representation as you said it yourself. The sound is really repetitive and it gets really annoying  so it would be better if it was more organic. I didn't play much but the main idea is interesting and leaves room for a lot of puzzles. I'm not mentioning the bugs because I think you already know. And the last thing in my opinion is to add English as a possible language too. I speak French but there are people that don't and as a developer I think you looking for more audience so this might help.


Thanks for your comments! Yes, one month is short and I would have liked to work longer on level design.
Actually my plan is to create one game per month for the next 12 months. After that I will choose one of my games to make it a real project.
This one has a lot of potential, but it's only my second game and I don't know what comes next. :)
I see that on there is a lot of English spoken people. I could perhaps make my description in the two languages.